Day 14: Finally things are looking up! ðŸ‘

So this week started off stressful as my clinic called to tell me there was a shortage with one of the hormones I’m currently taking (Luveris) and they weren’t sure if they would be able to get me enough to finish off my course of treatment. Ummm what?? Instant panic attack! Do they not realize how much money we’ve spent to date…do they not grasp the magnitude of this situation…how could they let this happen?! Why aren’t they prepared!! Deep breaths…it will get figured out. Stress is not good right now. This was Monday.

On Tuesday they called to tell me going to Toronto (to my fertility clinic) to pick up the Luveris was no longer a feasible idea as now all of the area is out of stock…great…what now?! They call back later to tell me they’ve managed to get a few days more (feuf)…but I will run out by Sunday. Im feeling defeated and overwhelmed at this point. Nothing ever goes right for us…every cycle has come with bad news why should I have expected this to be any different…

Well, it is different because Thursday bright & early I go in for my ultrasound & blood work and one of the other IVF ladies I’ve been chatting to daily (as we both wait) was waiting for me as she was ready for retrieval (yay for her!!) & had extra Luveris she could sell to me! 💉 Awesome, crisis averted! I won’t run out now thanks to Karen & my stress levels can go back down! 😉 So I am feeling good now, I do my ultrasound & to my utter shock and disbelief the technician tells me there are 8…yes i said 8…follicles above 1cm that are growing..and a 9th that’s just too small to meausre just yet but its borderline. Holy crap! This is freaking amazing! I have 8 almost 9 follicles growing…me….the woman with low ovarian reserve who was told to be excited for 4 as that’s about as good as it gets. Wow…as you can imagine I’m pretty excited..I feel like I should throw a celebration party!! 🎉 This gives me hope…this makes me feel positive…this gives us a fighting chance. Third time maybe really is the charm! I’m back tomorrow again for another ultrasound & for the first time I’m excited for the results! Things are getting closer as anticipated egg retrieval date should be sometime next week. 🤞😁

(Below is an example of what growing follicles inside the ovary look like on ultrasound. I currently have 5 growing on the left & 3-4 on the right)

You can imagine I’m starting to feel the discomfort as they all grow. Laying on my stomach is becoming uncomfortable (which sucks as I’m a total stomach sleeper) and even bending down or leaning over is becoming a no no. It’s to be expected as my ovaries are the size of tennis balls right now and will only keep growing. I feel like I look like I have a baby bump already with all this bloating 😕. The headaches seem to have gotten a bit better or I’m just getting more used to them. My abdomen is starting to look like a pin cushion and is getting bruised but I look at each needle mark & bruise as my battle scars getting me closer to the win!

Let’s crush this and make a Baby for the Balogh’s shall we! Keep sending that love, positivity & baby dust our way! 😍🙏 xo

Author: babyforthebaloghs

Married to my high school sweet heart- together 14 years, TTC x4 yrs, Have a kitty named Roxie, Oncology Nurse, Purple hair, outgoing & social, movie/Tv buff, girl gamer, alpaca lover.

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