Day 0: Egg retrieval Day 🥚

We did it! Survived yet another egg retrieval, #Luckynumberthree🍀 .

It started out quite stressful as there was a car fire on the 400 southbound and we were at a dead stop in traffic with all 3 lanes at a total stop. Managed to get off highway and take back roads that were very congested and 3 more car accidents (hope everyone is ok). Made it about 35mins late to the clinic but all was ok (minus our elevated blood pressures,haha).

I have to say how happy I am to have switched here . The nurses were fabulous and so attentive. The Dr I had was the medical director and she was wonderful. The embryologist introduced herself to me and explained she will call me tmrw and will even try to get a picture of my embryo prior to transfer!

Mike & I felt so informed and kept in the loop which I loved.

The procedure itself was not without discomfort & pain but the Dr was quick & I was heavily medicated. We spent over an hour in recovery where I received IV hydration, cookies & I slept 😴.

Our follicles were slowly growing nicely. Here is a picture from my ultrasound on Saturday (2 days ago) to give you an idea what growing follicles look like. Ideal size for retrieval to have a mature egg inside is 20mm (2cm). Minimum is 17mm (1.7cm). As you can see I had 3 large follicles on the right and 6 follicles on the left but not sure if one would make it large enough and it didn’t.

Now the big news we retrieved 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 EIGHT eggies.

Amazing considering my diminished ovarian reserve. Tomorrow we will be notified how many were mature, fertilized normally using ICSI & how they are looking. 🙏🦄🤞

Thanks for all the well wishes today & prayers. 🙏💕🍍

Now back to bed i go, haha. Still feeling quite uncomfortable and bloated and sleepy.

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Author: babyforthebaloghs

Married to my high school sweet heart- together 14 years, TTC x4 yrs, Have a kitty named Roxie, Oncology Nurse, Purple hair, outgoing & social, movie/Tv buff, girl gamer, alpaca lover.

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