What’s Next…

Where are we now…well, we were lucky that our Doctor was able to get us in the next afternoon after we found out we had lost our 2 embies.

She was disappointed for us but did feel that the cycle was still successful as we got one frozen embryo, which has never happened in previous cycles. She said our success rate of fertilization was 100% which is promising but still had significant delay in our embryo development past day 3. She also said I was on the slower end of follicle growth & stimulation from the hormones.

I was having very bad pain & passed some tissue (all ok now) & she was concerned so she recommended we have a hysteroscopy done before proceeding with our frozen embryo transfer [FET]. This was alarming and upsetting as this delays things longer now but of course we want to make sure everything is good. Because of the holiday closure next week we unfortunately have to wait until late January to have this scope done 😞.

This procedure is necessary before going ahead to ensure no issue with uterus as to why either the embryos aren’t implanting (attaching to uterine wall) or we are losing them very early on. If a uterine biopsy is thought to be needed then we will have this done. This procedure also will act as an endometrial scratch which is when you intentionally injure the uterus to force white blood cells to come to repair the uterus. This is thought, when done prior to embryo transfer, to increase blood supply and possibly help with implantation. I’m at the point- why not consider anything & everything.

If everything looks good after hysteroscopy then we will proceed with FET with my next cycle which should be around mid-February. We have decided to go with our doctors recommendation to do a natural FET which means tracking my natural cycle (less medication and no additional estrogen) with blood work & ultrasounds. This means several trips back down to Toronto in the thick of winter. The doctor will be watching for the 1 follicle to grow and release an egg. I will then take Ovidrel just to ensure ovulation has occurred followed by 5 days of progesterone to trick my body to think that the egg it just released has been fertilized. Then on day 6 after ovulation our little frostie would be transferred into the uterus where it should begin to hatch and implant 🙏❤❄. Progesterone suppositories would be continued until pregnancy and likely thereafter to support lining and help prevent miscarriage. We have always done progesterone with each cycle to date.

So with Christmas once again approaching & another year coming to an end…all I can think is how I cannot believe we are going into a other year still doing this. Still enduring IVF, still yearning for a baby, still praying for our miracle. I can’t say I’m sorry to leave 2018 in the past- it has been one heck of a year. There’s been good moments but there also has been tremendous heartache for both Mike & I. Please let 2019 be the year dreams are made of.

It has to be…this must work.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays with your loved ones. Hold them tight. Snuggle in real close. And to any of you struggling like we are or having a hard time this holiday season, please know you are not alone. Xo

Fairen & Mike ♡♡

Author: babyforthebaloghs

Married to my high school sweet heart- together 14 years, TTC x4 yrs, Have a kitty named Roxie, Oncology Nurse, Purple hair, outgoing & social, movie/Tv buff, girl gamer, alpaca lover.

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